The Icon System

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Concrete Foam and Concrete is by definition a composite wall panel.

But Not all Composite Panels are created equal


The Icon System was developed by a Panel Manufacturer, we understand what it takes to make a truly High Performance insulated panel.

73’ 5x3x5 composite insulated panel

The goal was to develop a shear connector to make insulated walls panels Longer, Stronger and Stiffer than previously available. The connector should also work with any rigid insulation, reinforced with Mesh, Bar or Strand.

With this in mind we developed Icon as a Vierendeel truss. The truss connects the two concrete wythes allowing them to work together. Icon efficiently transfers the bending moments between the two wythes. By utilizing the strength of the concrete in both wythes the panel will have less midspan deflection and be able to carry more load.

Why do we want to stay in the uncracked section? By keeping the panel uncracked we can better predict the loads and reactions in the panel. It also reduces the amount of deflection in the panel and gives you a nice buffer of additional strength for extreme loading events your building may have to handle.


Engineering Design

We are often asked 2 questions:

  1. What is the Percent Composite of the Icon connector?

  2. How do we design using the Icon system?


Percent Composite describes the interaction between the two layers of concrete and takes many different properties of the panel into account. It is dependent on the length and thickness of the panel, the amount of load, the stiffness of the connector and many more. The point is that each panel design will have a different amount of Percent Composite.


We recommend using Dr. Maguire’s (Utah State) Elastic Hand Method to calculate the reactions in the panel instead. This method utilizes the load vs deflection data gathered for the connector and models each panel taking into account all variables to output accurate moment and deflection calculations.