Icon Design Software

The Icon design software was designed to help you calculate the moments and deflections in a simple span panel. The software uses the Beam Spring model which produces a more accurate answer than "Percent Composite". The software tool also gives a recommended layout of the Icons that is optimized for less foam waste and minimal man hours. 


Icon Layout

The design software offers a recomended layout for the Icon shear connectors. The program optomizes the position of the first row of Icons to increase the number of uncut foam sheets. This reduces material waste and minimizes number of cuts.


Foam Layout

Each unique sheet of foam is drawn with dimensions. Using a new naming scheme we seek to improve efficiency. The standardized layout will provide many identical sheets speeding up fabrication.

Engineering Summary

The main engineering output is provided in a single sheet that is easily printable. The program uses our extensive testing data to accurately predicts the moments, stresses and deflections. We account for both the rotational and linear stretch in the connectors.


Beam Spring Model

We use basic mechanics of materials equations to do all of our calculations. By calculating the forces applied to each row of Icon shear connectors we are able to get a more accurate answer.