Tool List

These are a list of tools we find useful for fabricating the sheets of insulation.


Hole Saw

Our hole saw comes in 2 sizes. 3 1/2 inches and 4 5/8 inches. Both are designed to cut through multiple sheets of foam and will self eject the foam that is cut. We coat the tool with a graphite coating to reduce friction. If the Icons are loose in the foam check out the 2nd video on the left to learn how to shrink the hole size.


Drill for hole saw

High torque low speed drills with auxiliary handles work best for drilling the foam. Corded drills may be necessary for larger projects.


Graphite Paint

The graphite paint coating the hole saw can wear off after time. You can find a can of spray paint at your local farm and garden supply stores.


5460 Hot Wire Miter Cut

Great for cutting foam sheets to length or for creating foam miters. Safer than cutting foam on a table saw.

Hot wire scoop

Used to cut recesses for handles, inserts and embeds. They come in widths of 3 to 9 inches. For a large recess you can scoop twice.

The hot wire cutters work well on expanded and extruded polystyrene but will not work on poly-iso or the phenolic type insulation. The other way to create a recess is to use a jig saw to cut a square hole and replace the cut out with a thinner piece of foam.

If the required recess is very large the best practice is to simply replace the area with a thinner sheet of foam.



Reciprocating saws are recommended over circular saws which can kick back. One of the best tools is a jig saw with a 4 " long blade. The jig saw cuts quickly and safely.


drywall Saw

Another essential tool is the drywall saw. A few of these for the crew setting the foam works great for cutting around block outs or for making minor adjustments to the sheets of insulation.