Installing Icon

Icon is fast and easy to install. The process is broken into a few steps.

  1. Insulation Prep

  2. Insert Icons

  3. Place Insulation

Check out the videos below that will walk you through the process of building with the Icon Connectors.


1. Preparing the Insulation

Organization is the key to efficiency. Ahead of the pour (usually the day before) start preparing the foam. Here is an example of the steps to take.

  1. Cut the foam to size.

  2. Use hole saw to cut Icon holes.

  3. Label and stack the foam in the order it will be inserted into the fresh concrete.

  4. For outdoor operations be sure to secure the stacks of foam.

If a hole is ever drilled in the wrong location simply stick the plug back in the hole and hold it in place with tape.

2. Insert the Icons

Inserting the Icons is quick and easy and should be done before the first layer of concrete is poured. Using the tips in the video above your team will easily be able insert the Icons while waiting on the mix.

Note: Icons can not be installed after the foam is on the concrete. 

3. placing the Insulation

After the first layer of Mix has been poured it is time to set the foam in the form. This step usually takes just a few minutes because of the previous organization and prep work you have done. Once complete you can start laying in the reinforcing and pour the top layer of mix when you are ready. No need to wait. If there is ever any interference wiggle\twist the Icon a few degrees. If this does not solve the problem drill a new whole 6 inches to the side. 



  • Avoid moving the foam after initial concrete set.

  • Avoid being behind the concrete. Always have the Icons in the foam before pouring the concrete.

  • Don’t strike the ground with the hole saw






  • Find an area for foam prep and storage of foam. This will keep you operation organized and prevent workers from using foam meant for a different form.

  • Clearly label the insulation. If you always label the top side for the foam with the writing right side up it makes it easy for the man down the line to lay the foam in the correct orientation.