Testing Explained

In depth explanation of the product testing


Double shear Test Data translation


explain how the data of load and deflection forms a curve with several regions(elastic/linear, plastic/ultimate). Where Icon data provided sits on curve. how this data is then used in the endslip calculation to determine deflections and bending moments. (Ke and Fe)


Double Shear Test Setup And Process

Icon does testing on both sizes of connector in all foam configurations. Each test is performed by Utah State with samples they pour. This video shows a standard test.

Testing was done with ICC AC 422.

We collect data for both Load and Deflection.

Full scale beam test

Talk about how you were able to mimic a wind load as well as what the beam is sitting on and where it is fixed/ rolling block.

Thermal EFFICIENCY and THERMAL bowing

Icon connectors are made out of glass fiber which is not thermally conductive. The image to the left shows an Icon panel that is on a heat box. Using a thermal imaging camera we are unable to see any thermal bleed in the icon connectors.